Aluminium Windows

Rohit Aluminium is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum windows in India, with a complete service including professional installation. Aluminum windows today have become indispensable in the construction of modern buildings, both commercial and domestic, satisfying the increased requirements for functionality, design and weather protection. The various aluminum profiles and systems also offer enormous scope for designers and creative architects.

Due to the ingenious method of manufacture, using primarily extruded aluminium lengths, aluminum windows can be made in a number of different styles including sliding windows, fixed pane windows, projected windows (also called casement windows or sash windows) generally available as top-hung or side-hung windows, arched windows or round windows, double-glazed windows, cottage pane windows and other custom style windows.

If you are considering Aluminium windows for your home, office or other architectural project, you will be happy to learn of the various advantages they offer.

Advantages of Aluminum Windows

  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Available in anodised finish, in a range of powder coated colours, or in wood-look coatings.
  • Can be fitted with a wide range of glass options – with different characteristics, thicknesses and colours
  • Available in custom sizes, up to extremely large sizes
  • Various innovative styles, and different ways of opening
  • High performance, long service life
  • Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment
  • Well insulated against sound and increment weather
  • They can be manufactured with various security features: burglar resistant, fire resistant and bullet resistant

At Rohit Aluminium and Glass, we offer the following types of aluminum window solutions. Please click on the links below to be taken to the relevant pages.

Projected Windows

Projected Aluminum windows are also sometimes called casement windows or sash windows. They are differentiated from fixed windows or sliding windows by the fact that they have ‘leafs’ or ’sashes’ that swing out from the window’s outer frame. Casement windows can take one of two forms – top-hung or side-hung.

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Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are the natural option if you are looking for a sleek finish or if your space does not allow for sashes projecting outwards. They are equally suited to homes and office buildings, bringing an aesthetic yet highly functional feature to the structure. Sliding windows can take one of two forms – horizontal sliding windows (where the sashes slide left and right), and vertical sliding windows (sashes slide up or down). If you are looking to enclose a large opening, create a sunroom, customize a shopfront, sliding window units can fit seamlessly with fixed-pane windows, sliding doors or folding doors.

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Pivot Windows

Pivot windows are unique in the way in which they open – they pivot around a predetermined point in the window’s frame, thus usually allowing a wider opening than with projected or sliding windows.  The design also allows for larger than standard window sizes on the whole. Our pivot windows make use of a specially designed system equally suited to office buildings and luxury domestic spaces.

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Tilt and Turn Windows

These windows have been a popular choice of window in many countries and have made their appearance in South Africa only more recently. They have a highly unique design feature which allows the windows to either swing open in one direction, or tilt open in another direction. This is operated by a single lever which controls both the tilt and the turn movements. Tilt and Turn windows are often used where it is not possible or preferable to have windows that open outwards. Windows on the ground floor of a building on a busy street or windows covered by security shutters are typical examples.

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Arch Windows & Round Windows

In certain cases, commercial or domestic building projects may call for arched windows or round windows. They immediately lend a unique aesthetic feature to any home or commercial building, and sets it apart from the rest! The span of a single arched window can be extremely wide, with the curve being as gentle or as acute as desired. These are non-opening windows, each one custom built to your exact requirements

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The Technical Range

We are proud to offer the Technical range of high-end European designed Aluminium doors, windows, sliders and curtain wall systems. Technical is a leading brand specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-performance aluminum building solutions has earned the brand its high regard in the marketplace. The full complement of products consists of top-hung windows, bottom hung windows, side-hung windows, tilt-and-turn-windows, sliding windows, sliding doors, hinge doors, floor-spring and pivot doors, and a highly acclaimed curtain walling system.

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