Tilt-and-Turn Windows

Our tilt and turn windows are part of our Technal range of windows and doors. These have a highly unique design feature which allows the windows to either swing open in one direction, or tilt open in another direction.

Tilt and Turn windows are often used where it is not possible or preferable to have windows that open outwards. Windows on the ground floor of a building on a busy street or windows covered by security shutters are typical examples.

These windows have been a popular choice of window in many countries and have made their appearance in South Africa only more recently. There are many advantageous properties of tilt and turn windows which explain their popularity. A tilt and turn window operates by a single lever which controls both the tilt and the turn.

A 90° turn of the handle allows the window to operate as a side-hung inward opening casement, to allow the window to be safely and easily cleaned from the inside Therefore there is no need to climb ladders or clean from the outside.

Closing the casement and turning the handle by a further 90° operated the bottom hung, inward opening, ’tilt’ function. This ventilation position is controlled by a restrictor arm built into the head of the frame, and cannot be accessed from the outside, thus offering secure excellent indirect ventilation – any draughts are directed upwards and so there is a more constant airing. If more ventilation is required , then the window can always be fully opened using the other method of opening.

The tilt and turn windows are also very secure with the entire perimeter locked into place by the single lever. Another option gives the flexibility to use additional devices such as ‘caretaker handles’; these will restrict the window to tilt mode only for ventilation, unless a key is inserted into the handle. This means that for safety or security, only authorised persons who have the key can access the turn mode for cleaning


  • Tilts and turns, with a single lever.
  • Can be used as a fires escape window.
  • Extra security available, with a key access.
  • Available in anodised or powder-coated aluminium.
  • Available in a wide range of powder-coated colours.
  • Inward opening – up to 2150mm high x 1600mm wide
  • Single or double glazed
  • Glazing beads on the inside
  • Round or square glazing beads
  • Can be integrated with the PB door system, the GB slider system and the MX curtain wall system