Technology driven Automated Sliding windows & doors system:

The new technology driven Automatic windows & door system is universally designed with hi-tech international fittings to enable windows & doors to open and close automatically. No more pushing & pulling of the windows & doors; thus revolutionising your home experience

It is a compact system designed to automate sliding windows and doors. This system is based on simple rack& pinion design. It consists of a motor device, encased in a sleek-tube like frame, which powers the automatic opening and closing of the door and the specially designed wall mounted wireless push buttons which activate the door when pushed on.

Once installed these windows & doors are engineered to self-calibrate and memorize door opening and closing widths. Different smart functions can be switched on and off just a quick press on one of the 8 DIP switches. The system can also easily between 4 different modes: Manual, Automatic, Pet/Partial Opening and Hold Open to functionality desired by the user.

Optional Extras such as Human sensors  (infra-red sensors, Pressure mats  and remote controls can be purchased separately  & programmed easily to the Automated window & door system.


  • Installation & Connection flexibility.-

These automated windows & doors can be installed anywhere; from the entrance of the house, internal bedroom & bathroom sliding doors with extendable power cord up to infinite length.

  • Easy access for disabled & elderly:- Whether they live independently or live an assisted life, they can access rooms without any discomfort.
  • Convenience- It provides easy access for anyone carrying an armful of goods or entertainment supplies in and out of their home or room
  • Warranty:– This system is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against faulty parts.

Various Activation devices for the hi-tech Automated windows & doors


Detection Reach
Mode of Operation
Pressure Mat
Radio Transmitter
Max. 5 m
Pressure mat sensors slides under your door mat and activates the door via radio transmitter when pressure is applied on the mat.
Remote control
Radio Hand Held Transmitter
Max. 20 m
Has the ability to control all functions of the window including partial opening/pet mode.
Human Sensor with wire connected to drive unit/ Human sensor with battery
Infrared Motion Sensor (2 sensors for full automation)
Max. 2 m
Wireless sensor connection is installed above the sliding window & door. Windows & doors are triggered to open by breaking of infrared beam by an approaching person.
Wall mounted wireless Push Buttons
Radio Transmitter
Max. 15 m
2 pieces included in kit. Up to 10 push buttons & remote controls can be learned in to the same system

Note- These hi-tech driven automatic windows and doors can be connected to different switches, sensors, keypad, card access etc by additional 5m premium quality cable window fitting.